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Welcome back to the WTF Happened? series, a collaborative effort, along with the Jock and Nerd Podcast, to take a look at some of the worst movies imaginable. For this entry we are going to take a look at the film that killed the initial Batman franchise, 1997’s Batman and Robin. So get ready for plenty of cold puns and Bat nipples ahead!

Note: Please remember, what follows is not a 100% accurate recounting of the events that led to the creation of the film, but a speculation based off of research that I have cultivated. Also be sure to listen to the WTF EPISODE RIGHT HERE as well!

Geoff Johns Set to Bring Optimism and Hope to DC’s Extended Universe

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Recently, it was announced that CCO of DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns, would be one of the two men to over-see the creative direction of DC’s Extended Universe of films. Thanks to the poor reception of director Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice by many critics and fans, Johns will join WB executive vice president Jon Berg in having the final say on projects coming from DC and WB’s new DC Films department.